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Best Places to visit in Agra

Any travel and tour type of holiday, including a solitary trip, a family vacation, and also a honeymoon, can be taken in Agra.

Best Places to visit in Agra

By MusafirBaba

09-Mar-2023 • State-wise Trips

We instantly guess the Taj Mahal when we hear the word Agra. The city is a lot more than this stunning feature, though. In addition to the Taj Mahal, the best place in Agra is home to a large number of other monuments, cemeteries, parks, and bazaars. Any travel and tour type of holiday, including a solitary trip, a family vacation, and also a honeymoon, can be taken in Agra.


The majority of the tombs, mausoleums, and buildings are influenced by regional architectural styles as well as Mughal and Persian influences. 


Lovers' Palace — Taj Mahal

Being the best place in Agra, the Taj Mahal has appeared in historical texts, postcards, and online posts. However, now that you've arrived in India, you can finally check this place off your bucket list.


The stunning building was built in the 17th century. Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, built a white mausoleum as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal after learning that she had died giving birth. Around 20,000 workers were needed to complete the construction, which took over 20 years. It is rumored that Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan's remains are interred beneath it.


It is an internationally renowned UNESCO World Heritage site. People come here alone, with friends, or with their families from all across India and the world. The building, which is said to have been finished in 1653, is the most exquisite example of Mughal architecture. 


Majestic — Agra Fort 

The fort is not only magnificent but also one of the most important forts built during the Mughal period. It was so sentimental for Akbar that he named this fort his home. It's like exploring a city inside a city to take in the sights here. The Jahangir Mahal, a huge palace with beautiful Hindu-inspired features and Central Asian architectural components, is the most remarkable structure at Agra Fort. Tourists can view the center court's opulent interior, where royal women traditionally spent their days. 


This citadel is also denoted by UNESCO as a World Heritage spot and it is also known as Lal Qila. It is present 2.5 km from the Taj Mahal and has been built employing red sandstone. The fort lies on the banks of the Yamuna river and it is supposed that it was commenced by Emperor Akbar. 


Fatehpur Sikri

A worthwhile day excursion from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri is about an hour's drive away from the Taj Mahal. Akbar established the city, which served as the old capital of the Mughal Empire for around 500 years, as a tribute to the revered Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chishti, who correctly foretold the birth of an heir. When water supplies became insufficient not long after the city's construction, residents left.


The well-preserved ruins of such a red sandstone town, still encircled by a fortress wall, are now open to tourists to explore. View the Jama Masjid, a masjid that was among the city's first structures to be completed. Then, travel to the three spots that were built, one for each of Akbar's missis. They incorporate various architectural styles with religious inspiration to respect women's unique spiritualities. 


Akbar's Tomb

Emperor Akbar the Great ruled the Mughal empire for close to 50 years during which time his empire tripled in size and encompassed the majority of the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Akbar's Mausoleum, one of Agra's most well-known tourist destinations, houses his remains together with those of 2 of his daughters. 


Jehangir constructed this building in 1613. It was constructed with red sandstone and features some marble decorations. The calligraphy and ceilings are both very visually appealing. Mughal meadows that are habitat to deer, monkeys, and even a few pheasants encircle the building.


If you have a compass with you when traveling, use it here. As opposed to nearly every other Mughal tomb, which points towards Mecca, the tomb faces east. 


Culture-beautified bazaar

The antiques, food, jewelry, leather, and textiles found in the local bazaars of Agra are distinctive. For those interested in buying bags, silk goods, silk saris, etc., these markets are ideal. Kinari Bazaar is among the most well-known bazaars.


Sadar Bazar, another well-known market in the area, is close to the Railway station. Near the Agra Fort, in Halwai Gali, is Subhash Bazar, where one should be able to haggle for excellent things at a very fair price. Raja Ki Mandi, Agra's busiest shopping district, is another option. It is well known for its confections, jewelry, ladies' things, home goods, and religious goods. 


When you visit these locations, you'll be reminded of the exquisite architecture and paintings that medieval India is famous for, and you won't be able to help but admire the setting's magnificence. 


Wildlife SOS

Communities have been poaching sloth bear cubs for many years, forcing them to put on excruciating "performances" for paying customers by forcing a red hot poker and rough ropes between their muzzles. In 1972, India outlawed the barbaric practice. However, the abuse persisted, leading animal rights organizations like Wildlife SOS to intervene to save the abused bears.


At the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, you may watch 130 of these saved dancing bears playing, eating, and climbing trees. The management offers trips coached by scholarly attendants who can clarify protection initiatives and India's rapidly vanishing wildlife. All of the capital from this insightful adventure goes toward assisting people get better. It's the best place to tour and travel if you're an animal lover!


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