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Top 4 Places to Visit in Amritsar

If you're a travel enthusiast, then you must consider these places to explore in Amritsar. Here are a few top tourist attractions you should check out during your two-day visit to the city.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Amritsar

By MusafirBaba

06-Mar-2023 • State-wise Trips

Amritsar is a destination that should be felt rather than just seen. We, here at MusafirBaba, is going to be your guide to all the wonderful Amritsar tourist attractions that you must see if you're considering a trip to this revered city.


If you're a travel enthusiast, then you must consider these places to explore in Amritsar. Here are a few top tourist attractions you should check out during your two-day visit to the city.


All about Amritsar


Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh guru, may have created Amritsar as late as the 16th century. But lore and tales create a fictitious connection between the location and the Hindu novel Ramayana. The ashram of Maharishi Valmiki, where Sita gave life to her twins Lav and Kush, is thought to be in Amritsar. 


This city, which has links to Sikhism's history, is where the Golden Temple, the Sikhs' most holy site, is located. Jallianwala Bagh, meanwhile, emphasizes Amritsar's crucial role in the nation's independence. It is distinguished as a thriving tourist attraction with captivating stories, religious structures, historic buildings, bustling bazaars, vibrant festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine.


Best Places to Explore in Amritsar


Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is without a doubt Amritsar's crown jewel and a must place to explore in Amritsar. The shrine, which dates back to the 16th century, is a welcoming place of devotion for individuals of all ages and faiths. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and is also recognized as Sri Harmandir Sahib. The shrine features stunning architecture that is an exceptional fusion of Islamic and Hindu creative influences. Semi-precious gems, Handmade work, and lampworking that is a pleasure for the eyes adorn the inside walls of the temple. The serene body of water that surrounds the temple adds to its attractiveness. The temple is the epitome of tranquility with its golden gloss and peaceful ambiance.


Museum of Maharaj Ranjit Singh

The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is devoted to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab. Visit this location just for the museum, which is situated at one of his stunning summer palaces. The palace creates a startling scene when it is enclosed by perfectly maintained yards. As soon as you enter the exhibit, you will see an abundance of antiques and relics that serve as a testament to the illustrious periods of this great king. The museum displays a variety of items, including paintings, clothes, weaponry, and coins. Numerous books and drawings about the different conflicts the valiant ruler fought are also on display. 


Wagah Border

You must participate in the Wagah Border Beating Retreat ceremony to ensure your trip to Amritsar is complete. This ritual takes place every evening on the border between India and Pakistan. When the gate is unlocked in the evening, the soldiers of the two nations conduct the ritual as they move toward it.


As the soldiers respect one another, the flags of the two nations are lowered in respect. It is best to arrive an hour well before the ceremony starts to secure a seat with a good view because admittance is through a security check. It is a privilege for you to explore this place in Amritsar.


Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh, which recalls the British occupying forces' killing of the peaceful crowd, serves as a somber remembrance of the extreme savagery of human nature. The Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Trust is in charge of this historical location, which has been transformed into a public garden and serves as home to a national memorial as one of the places to explore in Amritsar close to the Golden Temple, a trip to Jallianwala Bagh can be included with your excursion there. You can still see the bullet holes in a portion of the garden's walls and in the well where numerous people perished on that terrible day. A must-see location where you may learn about a bloody period in the nation's freedom movement and honor the martyrs is Jallianwala Bagh. You can view light and sound performance that depicts the gruesome event if you go there in the evening.



What else to explore?

Tasty Eatables

Amritsari cuisine, aside from the Langar Prasad at the Golden Temple, is renowned for its legendary dishes and unique flavors. The city provides a wide variety of mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, including heavenly tandoori chicken, amazingly soft shami kebabs, delectable and supple mutton tikkas, and delicious butter-drenched and potato-cauliflower packed kulchas. Simply get lost in the city's food streets and establishments to enjoy the pleasure of wonderfully delectable meals.


The place for Cycling and Walking Lovers

A lot of tour operators create all-day or three- to four-hour-long historical trips of the city. These excursions are intended to cover all the top Amritsar attractions in a single day. They take you to the city's most famous locations and describe their significance and history to you. You have to walk a lot while on these tours as you explore various locations. You can go on pedal tours if you like the fun and adventure that cycling offers. These group trips provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the charm and culture of the city. A skilled tour guide who is beside you can simply provide you with whatever information you require. No worries. Musafir Baba has got your back in assisting throughout your journey.


Oldest Marketplace for Shopping Lovers

It is one of the attractions in Amritsar that you shouldn't skip. A few of the oldest markets in the city of Amritsar and a popular destination for history aficionados is Hall Bazaar. It is regarded as one of Amritsar's busiest shopping areas. Everything is available here, from gadgets to literature, clothing to jewelry, decorations, and Chinese lanterns. The bazaar is well-known for selling Amritsari juttis and traditional Phulkari needlework. In addition to the goods, this town is renowned for the Gandhi Gate Mughal archway entry and the market's general design. There are numerous eateries where you can unwind.


Wrap it Up


Amritsar is the ideal escape from your hectic schedule and mundane daily routine. It has many more amusing locations that can lift your spirits, just as it has certain sites like Golden Temple that can rest your inner self. Any of these locations in Amritsar are worth a visit.


Tell us which location you wish to explore in Amritsar. Please feel free to tell us about your needs to assist you in your travel. We'd be thrilled to hear from you. Soon, arrange a vacation to Amritsar with Musafir Baba to experience the magnificent old city!

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