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10 Most Adventurous Things to Do in Rishikesh

Since you want some thrill in your life, we have jotted down the 10 adventurous things to do in Rishikesh.

10 Most Adventurous Things to Do in Rishikesh

By MusafirBaba

01-Mar-2023 • Adventurous Trips

‘All good things are wild and free.’ 


Life is dull without adventure and thrill. What if God made your life perfect? You wouldn’t have to head out to earn bread and butter, and life would be a stagnant and dull ride. Everyone is running in a rat race, and they need some form of thrill and adventure in life. 


How about going on an adventurous trip to a beautiful small town called, ‘Rishikesh.’ 


Rishikesh is famously known as the ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas.’ Travellers can experience all kinds of fun and sober activities like watching the evening aarti, backpacking, bungee jumping, meditating, and more. 


This little town never goes empty because it is bustling with tourists all-year-round. Rishikesh is also the home to the famous ‘Lakshman Jhoola’ bridge.  


Since you want some thrill in your life, we have jotted down the 10 adventurous things to do in Rishikesh. Dive right in to find out the exciting things you can do right here! 


#1 Camping near the beach 


The riverside is known as the ‘beach’ in Rishikesh. If you want to go on an adventure, skip booking a fancy hotel and indulge in a riverside camp. There are camping tents, bonfire, fun activities on the beach, followed by some thrilling water activities. The view is stellar and you can even go on a long hike with fellow travellers. 


You might think it's a serene and sober activity, but nothing is as thrilling as living in a tent with River Ganga gushing next to you. When it's time to rest your head, you can hear Mother Nature and the gustling river. 


#2 It’s time to go white-water rafting 


One of the most popular water activities in Rishikesh happens to be white-water rafting. 


There are too many operators in Rishikesh who charge a minimal price for a group rafting tour. They will take you to the starting point and assign you a rafting boat and instructor. 


It is a safe experience as long as you wear your life jacket. The instructors are trained to take care of you and teach the basics of river rafting. Here’s the thrilling part: the riders get to jump in the water and indulge in body-surfing. It is the most thrilling experience as you get to body-surf in the mighty River Ganga. 


#3 Let’s go rock-climbing! 


You might have imagined yourself climbing Mount Everest. It may or may not be possible, but you can surely start with rock climbing. 

No matter what your fitness level is, you can give it a try and enjoy the little victory after climbing the rock. 


Rishikesh has several cliffs. You can contact a tour operator and opt for a package that includes rock climbing activity. 


#4 An Activity Fit for Adventure Enthusiasts 


Are you afraid of heights? If yes, then it’s time to try an activity that helps you get rid of this fear. You can try out bungee jumping. It is one of the newest activities and people from all over India head to the bungee jumping point to try the activity. All the safety measures are present and the instructors are always there to guide you. 

So far there have been no tragic incidents. If you need a real adventurous activity, go ahead and try bungee jumping. 


#5 Zipping through Rishikesh 


Ever tried zip-lining in Rishikesh? It is one of the best adventurous activities to try in this small town! 


People usually think that Rishikesh is only meant for rafting and watching the evening aarti, but there are fun activities like zip-lining too. Adventure enthusiasts can zip from one platform to the other end. This way you can enjoy the scenic views and even take a selfie video for the gram. 


#6 Flying like a bird in Rishikesh 


If you aren’t afraid of heights and would love to fly like a bird, try out the paragliding activity. 


The experience is safe and the instructor guides you through everything. The take-off point is usually the Lakshman Jhoola area, so make sure you contact the operator before heading to the main point. 


God hasn’t given you wings, but adventures like these will make you feel like one for a few minutes. 


#7 Indulge in a Fun Mountain Biking Tour 


Remember the first cycling lesson? Perhaps your dad or grandad taught you how to ride a bike, but it is time to show off your skills in the wild. 


You can indulge in a fun mountain biking tour in Rishikesh. Witness the beauty of Mother Nature and hear the chirping birds. 


#8 Jump into River Ganga from a Cliff 


The cliff isn’t too high, so you can easily jump into River Ganga and feel the adventure gushing through your veins. 


Cliff jumping is a fun activity and it is usually a complimentary experience. You can book a river rafting tour - the cliff jumping experience would be complementary. 


#9 Swim like a fish 


River Ganga is quite deep - you wouldn’t know the exact depth. Wear a life jacket and go for a swim session at the riverside. 


Make sure you have all the safety gear to enjoy this experience. You could also relax at the beachside and then enjoy a swimming session. 


#10 Are you an explorer? 


Last but not the least - you should certainly go for a cave exploration tour. 


Exploring a cave is a thrilling activity. It is not suited for those who have a faint-heart. Explore the caves and see what it has in store for you! 


Concluding Thoughts 


Cave exploration to river rafting - there is much to do in Rishikesh. It is surely a small town, but the range of activities aren’t few. 


It’s time to pack your bags - make sure you have your swimming trunks, good hiking shoes, and comfortable clothing. 


Rishikesh has a lot in store for you, so make sure you plan a week-long trip to enjoy all the adventurous activities. 


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