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Explore the nebulous nature of Himachal Pradesh with exciting tour packages

Himachal Pradesh, the state is known for its captivating snow-laden mountainous region, chill climate, rich Tibetan culture, heartwarming valleys, pilgrimage, and Buddhist monasteries.

Explore the nebulous nature of Himachal Pradesh with exciting tour packages

By MusafirBaba

23-Mar-2024 • State-wise Trips

Himachal Pradesh, the  state is known for its captivating snow-laden mountainous region, chill climate, rich Tibetan culture, heartwarming valleys, pilgrimage, and Buddhist monasteries.  This mesmerising state is nestled in the Northernmost region of India and it also shares borders with the neighbouring union territories including Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir. Every year people from all around the world visit this state to explore the nebulous nature and go camping, trekking, and mountain biking to unwind from their busy schedules. If you're an ardent nature enthusiast or want to make some good memories on your holiday trip, Himachal Pradesh is the right place for you.  To enjoy the exuberant nature of Himachal Pradesh, book your ticket for a Himachal trip and experience the astonishing scenic beauty. When planning a Himachal trip multiple things pester you including traveling convenience, cost, food, accommodation, safety, and security. Planning and prepping the necessity for your Himachal trip may be a little overwhelming task and requires lots of research.  It's always a better choice to opt for travel packages than going on a Himachal trip on your own. Musafirbaba travelling agency is a professional travelling agency that offers exciting travelling packages for Himachal who plan and make arrangements right from scratch. At Musafirbaba travelling agency, we have a local expert who has knowledge of the destinations and provides valuable insights about the best places to visit, the best time to explore, and the must-try experiences in the Himachal trip.  Keep reading this article to know more about the exciting tour packages for Himachal, the details of planning a Himachal trip from Delhi, the cost involved, and other necessary information about your Himachal trip.

Himachal Heritage tour

Himachal Pradesh is not only known for its magnificent mountains and valleys but also houses beautiful temples, forts, and monasteries that tell the ancient Himachal history. This heritage Himachal trip includes  UNESCO'S famous " The Great Himalayan National Park"  and the "Kalka Shimla railway line". The vast Great Himalayan National Park, spanning over 1736 square feet, is home to several exotic and endangered wildlife species including aquatic species, large mammals such as Himalayan brown bear and Ghoral, and the elusive snow leopard.  The Kalka Shimla toy train constructed in 1903 by the British Empire is one of the astonishing sites in the Himachal trip. This super cute UNESCO site is a must-try venture in your Himachal trip especially when you travel along with your kids. Naggar Castle in the Kullu Valley is yet another heritage spot that is popular for its Himalayan and Western architecture. The visiting time for this castle is between 7 am to 10 pm. If you want to revisit the ancient Indian period, visit Kuthar Fort nestled at the top of the Kuthar mountains. This fort is renowned for its Rajasthani-style architecture works and it is located a few kilometers from Shimla. Apart from these heritage sites, there are many bewildering spots included in this Himachal trip, some of them are Baijnath temple, Champavati temple in Chamba, Chamunda Devi temple in Kangra, Chokling Monastery in the Bir Tibetan colony, Viceregal lodge in Shimla. The average Himachal trip costs between INR 15 K to 20 K, it depends upon the type of packages and tourist destinations you opt for. In the case of personalised tour packages, the Himachal trip cost varies depending on your preference.

Adventure tour of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a perfect holiday destination as it's not only known for its breathtaking sceneries and ethereal peaks but also offers adrenaline rush adventures that attract tourists and enthusiasts from all around the world. Here are some of the reasons why choosing a Himachal trip is a great idea for your next adventure. Himachal Pradesh is known for its beautiful and amazing trekking trails including the famous Hampata pass trail, Beas Kund Trek, Triund Trek, and Pin Parvati Pass Trek. During the winter months Skiing is one of the must-try activities in Himachal trip, tourists can go skiing in popular ski resorts like Narkanda, Kufri, and Solang Valley. Indulge in thrilling river rafting in places like Tattapani, Kullu, and Manali. If you're looking to spend quality time with your loved one's , Camping is the highly recommended thing to do on this Himachal trip. Experience the charm of Himachal amidst the beautiful Himalayan mountains through this impeccable Camping. Kasol, Manali, and Tirthan valleys are some of the popular destinations where you can do camping. Choosing a Himachal trip means you get to experience this enthralling journey. If you're planning an adventure trip to Himachal, one of the most important factors to consider is the Himachal trip cost.  On average, the overall Himachal trip cost around 20k to 25k per person including amenities, accommodation, and meal charges.

Manali & Shimla tour packages from Delhi

Sometimes the secret to real happiness lies in unleashing the inner child. Here is the chance where you can revive your playful side by immersing yourself in the Himachal trip. Shimla and Manali are the most beautiful cities in Himachal Pradesh for their chill weather and scenic views. Enjoy the ethereal peaks, indulge in the adventurous paragliding sports above the scenic Solang valley, take a long drive with your loved ones at the Rohtang pass, enjoy the chillness of Shimla by taking a hot water Spring in Vashist, explore the local delicacies of Himachal Pradesh. All these mesmerising activities are included in this exclusive Himachal trip package.

If you're looking for a perfect vacation spot, take a 4-day Himachal trip from Delhi and enjoy the astonishing landscapes of the cities.  During day 1, you'll be travelling from Delhi to Shimla through the beautiful ghats roads and exploring the famous landmarks and local markets around Shimla city. Day 2 includes trekking to the Jakhoo Hill which houses the ancient Hanuman temple, visit to Ridge Road which is considered the heart of Shimla where all the auspicious cultural activities take place. Take a visit to the old residence of the British viceroy of India, Rashtrapati Niwas, and the famous Christ Church. Take a visit to Kurfi which then passes to beautiful Hasan Valley and enjoy the gorgeous weather. On the third day, get ready to experience the stunning Manali. Visit the famous sightseeing Kullu Valley and picture the scenic view. Manali is also known for Himalayan National Park where you can spot the exotic variety of Himalayan flora and fauna. On day 4 you get to visit the breathtaking Solang Valley where you can indulge in adrenaline rush adventure activities like paragliding and Zorbing. Manali is also famous for its Tibetan Monastery, old Shakira-style temple, and Hadimba Devi temple. If you're residing in Delhi and wish to get away from bustling city life, this Himachal trip from Delhi is a refreshing getaway option.

Planning a perfect holiday vacation to an unknown place might be a daunting task, especially during the peak season. To overcome such situations opting for a tour package is the wisest decision. This Himachal trip from Delhi packages come to perfectly pre-planned destinations where you can enjoy every minute of your Himachal trip without worrying about accommodations, ticket booking ng, and transportation. To know further about Himachal trip packages, and overall Himachal trip cost visit Musafir Baba, one of the most trustworthy travelling agencies that make every travelling itinerary safe and sound.

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